Shishir Kumar Kathurwar

Marketing Consultant Who Loves Experimenting!

Welcome! SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, and so on..... there are n number of terms or techniques that you must have come across. I do all of them, but focusing on bringing you leads at the lowest cost. I learn't marketing the hard way, and I am sure I will be able to help you generate traction among your target.


Shishir Kumar Kathurwar

Marketing Consultant by Passion

Ex-startup entrepreneur working on helping businesses in Canada with lead generation. Currently catering to industries such as Automobile, Education, E commerce, Saas, and more. Kickstarted inbound marketing for multiple startups (including Saas). Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using creative content.  Always up for challenges.


Lead Generation 

Through Digital

Do you have a budget? Do you want your phone to be ringing? Do you want your sales team to be busy chasing potential prospects? You give me your numbers, and I will make it happen.

I worked with Shishir for a brief period of time. The couple of months that we worked together were enough for him to showcase his potential as a good tactician and a pretty good team player, peppered with his unique flavour of wit and technical abilities. I am sure he will perform admirably irrespective of whichever role he acquires and will be an asset wherever he goes.

Gaurav Mehrotra
Founder and CEO at White Hatters Marketing

Shishir is a hard-working professional who is willing to work diligently to ensure client success. He brings innovative ideas to the table and takes it upon himself to stay updated on the ever-changing industry standards. His solution-based approach would be an asset to any marketing team looking to explore paid channels.

Madhavi Sriramoju

Vice President at Intense Technologies Ltd

I worked with Shishir to solve few marketing challenges that came up in our B2B approach. He got a digital solution to the table, which over time helped us get more meetings than traditional trade shows. His technical marketing knowledge will be asset to any company looking to explore digital solution for client acquisition.

Karla Lindahl
Managing Director At Kone Corporation


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