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How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

A complete guide on how to market on Facebook, to make use of business pages and tips to successfully market on Facebook!

Facebook Marketing: Is it worth it?

Well, there is no doubt that Facebook has acted as a catalyst for various businesses, websites and has been instrumental in the growth of the same. However, the use of Facebook ads has confused many. Sure enough, advertising is an important part, but can Facebook help you do it? Well, yes! Facebook can help you market your business, especially locally. This article talks about how to market on Facebook and tips to help you out!

Before we start, here is why Facebook ads are crucial for your business:

· Helps you accomplish your goals.

· Build your business’ online platform.

· Helps you broaden your reach to your customers and potential customers.

· Aids customer engagement.

· Boosts sales and revenue.

Facebook Marketing: Basics

As per reports, the number of Facebook users by 2020 will be 1.69 billion, which means, if you wish to build a network of clients, customers and boost your sales, Facebook marketing is the thing for you. You will not only get local results but may also be able to widen your reach to other parts of the country and the world.

However, for that, you will need to learn how to market on Facebook. Here are some ways to get started:

· Start a Page: The first step is to start a Facebook page. Go to Facebook, and simply click on create a page on the website to create one. Here are the things you would need to start:

o You will need to add information about your business,

o Next, you will have to update your business page’s profile photos,

o You will need to add the address and how to reach the business as well.

· Posts: Once you set up your Facebook Business Page, the posting part is next. Your Facebook posts need to diverse. You can have humorous posts, informative posts, promotional posts or any other type of posts. You need to keep in mind, Facebook posts help your clients and customers stay close to you and understand your business better. You should also make use of video posts, to keep things interesting. Also, always make it a point to post regularly.

· Promote your page: Once you set up your Facebook Page, and you have content posted, you need to start promoting your page. Right after setting the page up, send requests to your existing customers. To build attract potential customers, you can run deals, such as “like our page and get x-x-x% discount on next purchase.’ Deals will not only attract customers but will also give you a boost in sales. Apart from your Facebook offers, you should add the link below your email signature as well. Remember: Integrate your Facebook and social media pages to your website.

The Next step: Facebook Ads

Any business on Facebook cannot solely survive on just a Facebook page. Once your page is set-up, you need to start spreading the word. Know your target audience and participate in Facebook groups to ensure that your reach increases.

Next step for your business to grow is are Facebook Ads. By now, any Facebook user knows what Facebook Ads are. These ads pop-up on the sides and between posts. You can click on the posts to visit the website and purchase the product or service.

Facebook Ads can get you promoted posts and you could create a whole bunch of different types of ads for user-engagement. So, here is what you can do:

· First off, you need to understand how Facebook Ads run. Begin with tutorials and start testing your skills.

· Be prepared to invest in promoted posts and ads. You will need some seed money to run the ads before you cash in on the benefits.

· Next, you need to understand that there is a thing called “promotion by word of mouth.” Even in the Facebook generation, sponsored content sponsored posts, and popularity with known faces is appreciated and gets you traffic.

· When you are advertising on Facebook, remember to know your audience. You should never forget your audience and what it needs. Pay attention page insights to know more about your customers and their likes.

· Lastly, when you are investing in Facebook ads, make sure that you understand the type of Facebook Ads you can run. Domain ads, video ads, and dynamic ads are just some examples. You need to know which ads suit your business before you start running ads.

Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

Reading into Facebook insights, and boosting posts is not the only answer to Facebook Marketing. There are some tips you need to keep in mind to make sure that your Facebook Marketing ideas and the ad campaigns bring you business:

· Go with Customer engagement: Firstly, make sure that your Facebook posts are engaging. As per the new Facebook algorithm update, the need for creating Facebook posts that call conversations and require encouragement is rising. So, your Facebook posts should encourage engagement, as Facebook would favor, those posts. Go with reviews, polls and other things that would demand engagement.

· Make use of Descriptive Keywords in your About-section: The About Section on your Facebook page is the primary text-based real estate. Here is what you need to do for an effective About Section:

o Make use of descriptive keywords to describe your website,

o Next, you need to ensure that you make use of the keywords that your customers might use,

o Add information, correct information, about your business.

· Make complete use of the Pinned posts: Now the thing is, you need to ensure that your users click on the “Like” button! Since the customers would visit your Facebook Wall only once and rarely come back, you need to ensure that you have the best posts up there! Make use of the best posts to engage your customers and showcase your work!

Apart from this here are some more tips to incorporate for Facebook Marketing:

· Read about Facebook Algorithm updates.

· Ensure that you have on-page SEO.

· Incorporate the new updates and rules into your Facebook Page.

· Make use of Facebook ads.

· Remember to choose the correct category for your Facebook Page.

· Remember to make use of keywords on your business page.

To get the best out of Facebook, remember that Facebook is a social media website, meaning it is meant for socializing. As long as your pages are engaging your customers, and leave room for comments, you will be good to go!

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