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This Month Only Offers

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This Month Only Offers

I love small-medium businesses. Here are some offers for you only.


Digital Marketing

More Customers

Are you looking to make an impression in digital? Do you want to create a brand for your company, while generating leads? This plan is designed for you. I will work on improving your website's discover-ability on Google Search, and Google Maps. Run your company ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other channels to get you customers.

Copy of Shishir Digital Marketing Servic

Customer Friendly Website

Online Presence

Looking to create a new website for your website? Want your website to reflect your business values? I can help you with this.


Digital Marketing For Realtors

Generate More Leads

There are 10M home buyers in and around Toronto looking for a new home. Want to connect with them?

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What Will You Do For $500?

Below are the things Shishir'(Marketing Consultant) will do to make sure your online business store (website) brings you customers.

  • Google Ads-> Manage Google Search, Display, Youtube & Remarketing (Manage ad spend for upto $1,500)

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads-> Manage Facebook & Instagram Lead Gen ads (Manage ad spend for upto $1,000)

  • Design-> Creatives for Facebook, Instagram, Google Display ads, and offers page of the website

  • Website On-Page SEO-> Keyword research, Landing Page creation/Blog for improving keyword ranking, Monitoring website for any on-page SEO threats 

  • UI/UX-> Focus UI/UX to focus more on capturing the visitors attention.

  • CRO-> Constantly implementing lead capture techniques

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